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(Paris time, France) :

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Price: 10 Euros

Welcome to my private Concerts on YouTube! You’ll be able to enjoy a great moment of Relaxation, Voyage, Meditation… while staying at home!

I’ll be live from my studio to give you a nice moment during at least one and a half hour.

Of course, with an excellent visual and sound (audio) quality: using good loudspeakers of headphones will be even better to enjoy this relaxing moment…

You’ll get all the good things of a private concert, as if it would be in your own living room:

– I’ll take the time to speak to you and answer your questions, live

– you can ask me to play a composition you like… and maybe I’ll play it for you!

– every concert will have it’s surprises and new things everytime!


Nothing more easy: please read that first:

– once you’ll be finished writing your informations below, and once I’ll get your money (PayPal or Credit Card), you’ll get within 24h a link to enjoy the concert

– the link you’ll get is strickly private. You can’t share it with others (if the link is shared, I’ll be notified about that and you’ll be excluded from the concert, so you won’t be able to watch it)

– if the concert has to be cancelled, you’ll get your money back (or we can keep it for the next concert, as you wish)

– the concert will begin exactly at the right time

– the concert will happen, even only with one person

– you can watch the concert, but if you would like to participate (write comments, ask questions, etc.), you must have a YouTube account

– once the concert will be finished, it won’t be possible to watch it again: it’s a unique concert, a Unique Moment, just for You


If you’re ready, it’s very easy, please follow these steps:

1) Enter your informations here:


2) Pay 10 Euros here:



That’s it! 🙂

You’ll soon get your link and I’m looking forward to join the concert with you for a great relaxing moment 🙂


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